Casino Classic Review

There are lots of things to love about the online casino experience. It tends to be much simpler and more straightforward, especially for new players. Online casinos can also be played any time and from any place, and the digital versions of Casino Classic games are also immune from many of the most common forms of cheating, as they are games of true chance.

But there are many things about the Casino Classic experience that you get in a brick and mortar casino that players also love. As you might have guessed, Casino Classic brings many of these elements into the online realm. The result is something that represents the best of both worlds. Let’s take a look at the main features of Casino Classic.

Licensing and Reliability

Casino Classic is fully licensed by the UK Gambling Commission, as well as the Malta Gaming Commission. Both of these bodies are highly respected and their seal of approval counts for a lot. As you would expect from a casino endorsed by these bodies, you can depend upon Casino Classic to run fair games, to pay out promptly, and to support you with any technical issues as quickly as possible.

Games and Software

Microgaming is one of the most important names in online gambling. It doesn’t matter which online casino you gamble with; you will almost certainly be playing Microgaming-developed games, and Casino Classic is no exception.

You might think that using the same developer across all platforms would lead to repetitiveness, which it does to an extent. However, the nature of casino games means that while the average online casino offers hundreds of titles, there are really only a handful of different identifiable ‘games.’ Slot reel games are the most popular and, accordingly, they account for the majority of titles available as well as the biggest earners for the casinos. Casino Classic’s individual combination of TV and film licenses grafted onto Microgaming’s standard templates are every bit as good as their competitors, but it doesn’t stand out beyond that.

One thing that Casino Classic does have going for it is that its library is updated more frequently than some of its competitors, keeping the place feeling fresh and interesting.

Some of the BEST games you can play at Casino Classic:

Welcome Bonuses

Like its competitors, Casino Classic furnishes its new players with a very generous set of welcome bonuses. The first deposit that new players make will be rewarded by a bonus of up to $100. Subsequent deposits, up until the fifth deposit, continue to earn bonuses that can add another $400 of value. They also run one of the best loyalty programs in town, so if you’re looking for a long-term home, Casino Classic is worth considering.

Customer Support

Customer support is an ever-important consideration when choosing online casinos. Sure, you probably won’t need to use them, but if you do, then you will be very glad to have chosen a casino that has a decent support infrastructure in place. Casino Classic offers customer support 24/7 and provides you with numerous contact options, including live chat.

Casino Classic delivers on all fronts. It is also available in a mobile-optimized format for those who like to play while on the go. We can recommend Casino Classic to new and old players alike, wholeheartedly.