The Best Online Casinos in Malta

Malta might be a small island, but it has a thriving gambling industry - an industry upon which of the Maltese economy is built. Casinos, both online and offline, have been attracted to Malta as a base for a number of reasons, none more important than the favorable tax arrangements they can expect there. Malta also has some very strong privacy laws and can guarantee a type of security that other territories can’t.
Players in Malta have access to everything that the online casino market has to offer and can pretty much choose to play wherever they like. So how are you supposed to even begin to make this decision? Well, we might be able to help.

Game Selection

Needless to say, the selection of games an online casino offers are its defining feature. If the games aren’t fair, enjoyable and reliable, then there’s nothing to draw players in. Owing to a series of acquisitions and mergers over a number of years, a company called Microgaming has found itself developing online casino games for the majority of the major online casinos. Their games are a sure mark of quality, so keep an eye out for them.

Many online casinos have libraries that consist of several hundred individual titles, but these may only represent a small number of different game types. For example, the vast majority of the time that is spent playing at online casinos is spent on slot reel games, as these are the ones that make the most money. Accordingly, they tend to be better represented than other game types.


In addition to providing you with fair and enjoyable games, you can expect a casino to also pay out your winnings when you request them. Legal obligations mandate that casinos have to wait a short while to process your withdrawals. This is usually quoted as a 24-72 hour wait and generally takes 48 hours or so. Once this review has completed, your money is released.

You should look for an online casino that provides you with a number of different options for payment processing as this will enable you to withdraw your funds in various ways. In some cases, using a particular method will incur additional fees or processing time, so make sure to check this beforehand.


Competition between online casinos is fierce, as they all really want you to start playing with them, and only them. One of the ways that individual casinos will attract players is by offering them generous welcome bonuses. These bonuses will reward players with free stuff, either free credit or free spins, when they make their first deposit. In fact, many online casinos now reward players for their first 5 deposits.

Many casinos have taken to changing their bonuses throughout the year, so it is always worth checking back to see how things have changed. If you find the right welcome package, you could end up making some serious money while only having to put down a minimal amount yourself.

Once you know what to look out for, finding the best online casino for your needs becomes a lot easier. Make sure to carefully research any online casino before you give them your money.