The Best Online Casinos in Iceland

Like much of the world, there has been a significant increase in interest in online casinos in Iceland over the last couple of decades. Iceland is one of the best-connected nations in the world, with 75% of homes having direct fiber connections in 2016. The government has set itself a target of ensuring that 99% of all home and businesses in Iceland will have access to broadband with minimum speeds of 100Mbit/s speeds by the end of 2022.

This is exactly the kind of market that online casinos want to conquer. The more technologically-literate the general population is, the more likely the people are to gamble online instead of the old-fashioned way.

But with so many online casinos to choose from, new and old players alike often find themselves overwhelmed by the choice. How are players in Iceland supposed to find the right casino for them?

The Library

The library of games refers to every game the casino offers. The standard for online casinos today is to have a library that contains hundreds of titles, although the majority or all of these will be slot reel games. If you’re looking for anything other than slots, make sure to add the game you are looking for as a term to any searches you perform. For example, look for ‘online casino “video poker”’ (If you include the quotes around ‘video poker’ then Google will return only results that contain that term).


Reliability - this simply means that you can be sure that the casino is running a fair game and paying out as it is obligated to. Online casinos will not pay out instantly in the way that a regular casino does, as they will usually enforce some kind of minimum withdrawal limit. Expect to wait around 48 hours for most withdrawals, and larger withdrawals might take longer.

What Else?

You should always research any online casino online before you even create an account. User reviews will give you your most accurate read on what a casino is like.

The Best Casinos?

For players in Iceland, the best options are the ‘Big Four’. These casinos tick every box we’ve mentioned so far.

Yukon Gold Casino

First, we have Yukon Gold Casino which, with its endearing American frontier theme, has become one of the most popular online casinos in the world over the course of its relatively short life.

Grand Mondial

Then we have Grand Mondial Casino, who offer up to 150 free spins to new players and the opportunity to win millions when you use them. Not bad! In fact, players have won big on their free spins here before, so there is precedent.

Captain Cooks Casino

Captain Cooks Casino adopts a seafaring theme and some of the best customer support around. The games are great and the rapid response of their tech team means that new players can begin playing with total confidence.

Zodiac Casino

Finally, Zodiac Casino is famous for its absurdly generous welcome package, worth well over 80,000 Krona.

There you have it! All things considered, we would recommend the casinos listed above. But once you know the criteria, it’s easy to find the right online casino for you.